Students are here to solve new problems, but before they can get there, they need to master a lot of the tools that have already been developed. Similarly, every year, students need to achieve the same milestones that the students the year before also accomplished. This section is full of the accumulated wisdom of students who have already completed tasks that you’re now facing down. We put up information that students wished they knew before they went through each stage of their graduate career. We hope that by publicizing this information, you won’t have to keep reinventing the wheel, but can instead get a lot of great ideas from those who came before you.

We have a section on coursework so you can know what to expect in each year of your program. We share advice on research, which is much more driven by your own interests. We detail the financial policies in the department, and ways others have found funding in the past. We list books and other resources that students have found helpful. Finally, we have a lot of how to’s; essentially what you can do to succeed on a lot of the requirements that everyone else seems to expect you to know how to do, even though it isn’t explained anywhere else.


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