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Walk – Left foot forward, then right foot. Then repeat. Or reverse the order. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it

Bus – This is probably the most common method of transportation to and from campus for graduate students here.  Almost all apartment complexes in the Chapel Hill and Carrboro area are within walking distance of a bus station. The bus system in Chapel Hill and Carrboro is completely free. Please note there are different schedules on weekends and holidays. We advise you use the NextBus app

Bike – It’s pretty easy to get around Campus, Downtown Chapel Hill and Downtown Carrboro on a bike. You can also see more of the Tobacco Trail on a bike.  Also, bike riding is fun. However, many of the apartment complexes in the surrounding area have hilly routes to/from campus.  If you are considering biking to school every day, then keep this in mind when looking for a place to live.

Bikeshare – All students have access to Tar Heel Bikes if they sign up, which will give them access to bikes around campus and throughout downtown Chapel Hill and Carrboro

Drive – Most students don’t need a car in Chapel Hill, but having one does make things like getting groceries easier, and can open up your world to other parts of the triangle and beyond. Parking can be difficult on or near campus, though.  See the “Other Necessities” page for getting your car registered in NC.


Rideshare – Uber and Lyft are usually available in Chapel Hill and Carrboro



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